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National Guidelines

As members of The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club we believe in total freedom. We have no initiation fees, no dues, no mandatory meetings, and no major commitments. We do not believe in club dictatorship, cliques, power plays, politics or any BS. We are not a 1% club. We do not support illegal activities. We are not we territorial and therefore will not wear rockers on our backs. We respect all other clubs and enjoy good relations wherever we go. To maintain these good relationships, additional restrictions may apply to certain areas including, but not limited to, AMA membership, patch placements, etc. A Guidelines Addendum section has been added detailing specific regional requirements.

Read these Guidelines carefully. If any part is unclear to you, please reach out to the FCRC National Board at

Mission Statement:
The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club (hereafter known as FCRC) is a family focused, AMA Chartered Club. We represent motorcycle riding, family, unity, camping, traveling, fun and the camaraderie of the Members.

The FCRC is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization, operating with the sole purpose of promoting camaraderie and safe family friendly riding activities.

Ownership and Use of the FCRC Patch:
The Club Patch is Copyrighted and as such may not be reproduced for sale by any Club Member or any outside entity for any reason without the written permission of the Copyright Owner. The National President of the FCRC is the Sole Owner of the FCRC Patch and its design.

The Club patch may be reproduced for Chapter Websites, Business Cards, Letterhead, Newsletters and other similar items not for sale. The Copyright Certificate is available for any Member to view by making a request to the National President.

Club Structure:
Officers that are Members in good standing with the FCRC will govern The FCRC. The Officer titles shall be:

Chapter Officers - Chapter President. Vice President, Secretary, Safety Officer, Road Captain, Tail Gunner

State Officers - State Director, Assistant State Director.

National Officers - National President, National Vice President, National Membership Director, National Administrative Director

Membership in the FCRC is open to anyone that is 18 years of age or older, any race, creed, or sex, and has a valid motorcycle license, or a motorcycle permit (limited participation), or otherwise be lawfully able to operate a motorcycle compliant with local state law and provide evidence of such when requested. Members must also maintain, and provide proof of, liability insurance and motorcycle endorsement on driver license. Proof of liability insurance and endorsement / drivers license must be shown to the Chapter President or officer delegate of the President's chosing (example: Safety Officer or Secretary). The only record retained will be date of expiration. Lists of membership proof of insurance and endorsement shall be submitted annually to the National Membership Director. Members must own and ride a motorcycle. A spouse, or any other person, can also become a Member if they ride as a passenger. All Members must have a current application on file with the FCRC National Office. Members with a motorcycle permit may not ride on a Highway, at dark, or with a passenger. Therefore, they will not be allowed to participate on any rides that will include these restrictions.

Anyone applying for Membership in the FCRC must fill out an online Application for Membership. On the menu, click on Membership, then Membership Application. Fill out the online form and submit to the Membership Director for approval. Membership applications are subject to criminal background checks for consideration by the National Board prior to Membership approval. Criminal sexual convications are triggers for automatic denial.

Applicants may choose a Chapter to join when they apply for Membership. If the applicant does not choose a Chapter, the applicant will be assigned to the nearest Chapter. If there is not a Chapter within a reasonable distance of where the Applicant lives, the Applicant will be placed as a Member At Large (MAL) until a Chapter starts in the Applicant's area. The National Membership Director will ensure yearly that a MAL is active and try to place them in a chapter or remove them as a MAL if they are no longer active.

Joining FCRC Membership expressly commits the member's accepting of the Membership Code of Conduct and Club Guidelines.

A Member may request transfer to a different Chapter at any time. All transfer requests must be sent to the FCRC National Membership Director to be processed for approval. If approved, and a Member transfers to a new Chapter, that Member may be subject to a vote of former Chapter Members to transfer back to their former Chapter.

A new Member must attend and ride a minimum of three (3) FCRC Chapter Rides (defined below) and be approved for FCRC Patched membership by the Chapter President and Chapter Officers before they can buy and wear the FCRC Back Patch. Back Patches may be purchased only from the member's Chapter President. Should a Patched Member leave or be removed from the FCRC, it is required that the back patch either be returned to the Chapter President, or retained but no longer worn by the former Member.

Members of the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club must ride at least 3 Chapter Rides with their home chapter in a calendar year to maintain their Membership with the FCRC.

Requests for exception must be submitted in email to the FCRC National Board. Acceptable conditions for exception consideration may be:

  • Military Deployment
  • Short Term Illness or Injury
  • Longer Term Injury - Each Chapter may have one patch wearing member who is no longer able to ride due to injury, but will remain active with the club by means of chase vehicle.

The National Board is the only authority to decide whether to waive the 3 ride rule once a request in writing has been submitted by the Chapter President.

These are expectations of ALL members:

  • Always ride safe!
  • Do not give the Club a bad name.
  • Get involved in the Club when you can.
  • Respect other Members rights and beliefs.
  • Never disrespect or misrepresent the Club Patch, we are NOT 1%.
  • We do promote motorcycle and public safety rules.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we be involved in any illegal activity.

A Member at Large (MAL) will not be allowed to obtain the FCRC Back Patch without belonging to an FCRC Chapter and fulfilling the 3 Ride Rule. Members that may need to move their home location to an area that does not have an established FCRC chapter may request MAL status to maintain membership. Such requests shall be made to the National Board. Patched members who transfer into MAL may not wear the back patch again until belonging to a chapter. No Member may stay MAL longer than one year. After one year, if Chapter membership has not been established, the MAL status Member will be notified and removed from FCRC membership.

A Member that has been removed from the Club for any reason may not reapply for Membership for a period of one year. Appeals may be sent to the National Board for consideration within the one year period.

Membership within The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club is a privilege not a right. The FCRC National Board reserves the right to accept, reject, and revoke any Membership.

FCRC Membership Code of Conduct:

  1. As a Member the of FCRC you agree to follow all of the Freedom Cruisers Club Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations.
  2. FCRC Members are responsible for maintaining the public image and perception of the Club. Any FCRC Members should never publicly make any statements, in any form of communication, or commit an act, that portrays the Club, or its members in a negative or unfavorable manner.
  3. A FCRC Member has a duty of loyalty to the FCRC and Members. A FCRC Member should not make any statement, or commit any act, which would cause his/her duty of loyalty to be called into question.

Chapter Officers:
Chapter President: The Chapter President shall be responsible for the business of the Chapter. The Chapter President shall facilitate the scheduling of monthly Chapter Rides and Events. The Chapter President holds one (1) vote for State Board Meetings. A Chapter President may send a proxy if unable to attend State Board Meetings. Proxies should be arranged in advance, if possible, with the National President or the State Director. The Chapter President is responsible for appointing additional Officers to help maintain order in a Chapter, at the Chapter President's option. The Chapter President is responsible for confirming proof of insurance and license or endorsement for the chapter membership. This duty may be assigned to a delegate chapter officer of the President's choosing.

Vice President: Vice President reports to the Chapter President. The Vice President shall act as the First Officer of a Chapter and shall work at the discretion of the Chapter President. Duties can include scheduling or leading Chapter rides, etc.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible to record the minutes of Chapter meetings and otherwise work at the discretion of the Chapter President. If a Chapter elects to have meetings and minutes are kept, the Secretary shall be responsible for posting all details on the chapter's or state's social media page.

Safety Officer: The Chapter Safety Officer shall be responsible to gather and present safety material to all Chapter Members. The material can be discussed on Chapter Rides or Events, or at Chapter Meetings.

Road Captain: The Road Captain's duties will include scheduling and leading rides and conducting safety meetings at the start of rides. There can be more than one Road Captain per Chapter.

Tail Gunner: The Tail Gunner shall ride at the rear of the formation and keep the riders together in a formation. The Tail Gunner shall be responsible to check with the Road Captain for the ride details, including the route, the destination, and the duration of a ride. The Tail Gunner should always check with the Road Captain of the ride to make sure the riding rules and hand signals are discussed before the riding group leaves on a ride. There can be more than one Tail Gunner per Chapter. The Tail Gunner should always keep the Road Captain advised of any issues that they see within the group from the rear.

FCRC Officer's Code of Conduct

  1. Adhere to the Membership Code of Conduct
  2. All Officers of FCRC will be required to wear the FCRC Club Patch. All Chapter Presidents must be patched, as well as any other appointed Chapter Officers.
  3. Chapter Presidents must keep The National Membership Director notified of any changes to their email address, mailing address, and contact phone numbers. Violation will lead to dismissal from their current position. Chapter Presidents are also responsible for keeping updated contact information of their Members.

State Officers:
For states where two or more chapters are present, the state shall have a State Director.

State Director: The State Director shall oversee the operation of the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club as it pertains to their State. It is the State Director's duty to uphold all of the FCRC Guidelines at all times within their state Chapters.

The State Director has the tiebreaker vote on all issues concerning State Business. It is the duty of each State Director to collect, verify, tally, and report to the National Board the votes pertaining to the State issue.

Requirement for the State Director position is that the member requesting or appointed to this position will have been a Chapter President in good standing for a minimum of one year (or previously served as Assistant State Director for one year, unless otherwise expressly waived by the National Board.

The State Director shall be responsible to nominate a member to the National Board to fill the position of Assistant State Director for approval. The Assistant State Director may assume the position of State Director when a State Director vacates office.

For states that have not previously had State Directors, a Chapter President within that State may request to assume the additional Role of State Director. That request will be made to the National Board for approval after review.

Assistant State Director: The Assistant State Director shall work at the discretion of the State Director. The Assistant State Director shall oversee the operation of the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club, as it pertains to their State, in the absence of the State Director. When doing so, the Assistant State Director shall hold all of the State Director's responsibilities, as well as the holding the tiebreaker vote on all issues concerning State Business.

State Board:
The State Board shall consist of the State Chapter Presidents, State Director, and Assistant State Director (if appointed). Each Chapter President will hold one (1) vote at State Board Meetings (formally called OIC Meetings). The State Director may hold a Board of Directors' Meeting when deemed necessary. Minutes of such meetings are required to be sent to the National Board.

National Officers:
National President: The National President will oversee the operation of the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club. It is the National Presidents duty to uphold all of the FCRC Guidelines at all times. The National President is responsible to choose his/her replacement upon leaving the Office. The National President has final say on the choosing and placement of all National Officers and State Directors. The National President holds the tiebreaker vote on all issues concerning National Business. The National President or National Vice President (in absence of the National President) will announce New Chapter Presidents.

National Vice President: The National Vice President is responsible for helping the National President oversee the operation of the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club. The National Vice President's duty is to help uphold all the FCRC Guidelines at all times. The National Vice President shall coordinate an annual review of the Guidelines for potential updates when necessary with the National Board. The National Vice President may be called upon to oversee the operation of the FCRC in the event the National President is temporarily unavailable. The National Vice President is appointed by the National President.

National Membership Director: In general terms, the National Membership Director is responsible for all things Membership related. The National Membership Director is responsible to maintain the FCRC Membership Roster and database. The National Membership Director will receive, record, and update the Membership as needed. The National Membership Director will contact Chapter Presidents and or Chapter Officers for any additions, transfers, or changes in said Chapter's Membership Roster. The National Membership Director will ensure the accuracy of FCRC Members at Large. The National Membership Director is also able to assume the duties of other National Officers when required.

National Administrative Director: In general terms, the National Administrive Director is responsible for chapter and state related efforts. The Administrative Director will be responsible for providing support to new and current State Directors and Chapter Presidents who are in the process of building and recruiting for their FCRC Chapter. Other responsibilities will be to semiannually confirm the activity status of each Chapter and report the findings and recommend appropriate action to be taken for any that are inactive to the Membership Director and National Officers. The Administrative Director will be responsible for monitoring all chapter's social media sites and to advise the National Board of any issues. The National Administrative Director shall be the primary administrator of the FCRC National Facebook group. The National Administrative Director is also able to assume the duties of other National Officers when required.

These four National Officers will make up the National Board. The National Board has final ruling authority on all issues.

Additional Notes / Guidelines:

FCRC Disclaimer:
Each Member participates in activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of the Freedom Cruisers as an organization for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any Club related event or activity. All activities and events must comply with any State or local laws and ordinances. Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a Club activity or at any time becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall the Freedom Cruisers be held liable.

The FCRC National Board will periodically, with or without notice, revise or amend the Clubs Guidelines and Regulations when necessary.

Any individual involved in any illegal activities while wearing the FCRC back patch will be immediately scrutinized by the Freedom Cruisers Officers and subject to immediate removal from the Club Roster and Membership roles, and forbidden to claim any and all association with the Freedom Cruisers, to include, but not limited to:

  1. Prohibited to participate in any activity of the Freedom Cruisers.
  2. The removal of any insignias of the Freedom Cruisers, including the Freedom Cruisers' Patch, returning the patches to the Chapter President.

A Member that has been removed from the Club for any reason may not reapply for Membership for a period of one year.

At all FCRC meetings, the voting patched members present are a quorum. A simple majority of that quorum will determine the passage or defeat of the item.

Starting a Chapter:
Any Member may request to start a Chapter. All new Chapter requests will be required to have a minimum of three members before approval is considered. The National Administrative Director will be primary point of contact for new chapter establishment. The National Board must approve new Chapters before start up. Chapters should not be closer than 50 miles of an existing Chapter. The National Board will determine if exceptions to this rule are needed and may make changes as needed.

The Member that starts the Chapter becomes the Chapter President of that Chapter.

The Chapter President agrees to adhere to the FCRC Officer's Code of Conduct. (See above.)

Chapters are required to abide by all FCRC Guidelines. The Chapter President is responsible for the conduct of the Chapter and its adherence to the FCRC Guidelines.

When wearing the FCRC Patch, Members of FCRC should not wear support patches for other motorcycle or riding clubs. (Excludes patches from ABATE, AMA, ISRA, HOG, GWRRA, etc.) This includes, but is not limited to, 1%er club support patches. Patches in question should be submitted to the National Board for approval before being placed on your FCRC vest.

Chapters may regulate their Chapters as needed. But, under no circumstances, may a Chapter adopt any rules, regulations, or guidelines that conflict with the FCRC Guidelines.

Chapters are allowed to design a Front Vest Patch. Front Vest Patch designs shall not have designs of similar shape or markings that could be interpreted as 1% or "Three Piece" patch with rockers. All designs must be submitted to the National Board for approval. Patches that have current National approval are "grandfathered" and are not required to change.

Chapters which have websites agree to link their website to the National Website. The link will be placed on the Chapters Main Page.

Chapters agree to provide access to the National Board to all social media platforms created by the new chapter, and ensure that membership personal info including phone numbers are not posted on social media platforms. Membership within a chapter can obtain the phone numbers of other chapter members from the National Website through their login.

Chapters shall not keep organized accounts of funds, nor solicit members for donations to the chapter. Financial transactions between members are just that, between members and outside of the FCRC.

Complaints against Members, including members in Officer roles, may be presented in writing to their State Director who will then submit such complaint to the National Board. The National Board will review any violations of the Clubs Guidelines. The accused will be afforded the right to address the Club National Officers before a decision is made. An offending Officer may be removed from his/her position, and/or expelled from the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club.

FCRC Rides:
Chapter Rides: Chapter Rides must be scheduled once a month minimally, weather permitting during your region's riding season. Minimum qualifying requirements of Chapter Rides will be 24-hour notice prior to meet up time, fifty (50) miles roundtrip, 3 members in attendance, one being a chapter officer. Each Chapter calls its own Chapter Rides. The Chapter President is responsible to schedule and promote these rides for their Chapter. The Chapter President can either act as Road Captain for the ride or select someone else to Road Captain. The Chapter Rides should be posted on the Chapters Calendar for informational purposes. Chapter Rides should be open to all FCRC Members, regardless of Chapter Affiliation.

Called Rides: Any Member of FCRC may 'Call' a ride. To do so, you must be a FCRC Patched Member and ask approval of your Chapter President. When seeking permission, Members should have all of the details of the ride for the Chapter President. The Member that calls a ride is considered (but not required to be) the Road Captain of the ride. Called Rides may not conflict with Chapter Rides.

There shall be only one ride per day within a chapter; Called or Chapter ride.

Chapter Presidents have the right to decide that all Chapter and Called rides are alcohol free for their chapter. In all cases, local State law must be complied with by all members.

Non-Member Guests (operator of motorcycle) on Chapter or Called Rides, must be approved by the Chapter President or delegate officer. Guests must follow all guidelines when attending FCRC rides, including providing proof of insurance and endorsement. Guest's proof of insurance and endorsement may be verified by the highest ranking officer present at the ride should the President or delegate officer not be present.

The FCRC Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject Membership and to periodically, without notice, revise or amend the Clubs Guidelines and Regulations when necessary.

Last updated 5 MAY 2023

Ronald Connelly "DIAMONDDOT"
National President

FCRC Guidelines Addendum - Revision 1: 9-AUG-2021


As required by local MC - All members wearing a vest with FCRC patches (back, front, or both) must also wear the AMA patch, and have current membership with AMA. This cost of AMA membership and requirement is outside of the control of the FCRC. It is your choice to join and wear the AMA patch should you want to also wear the FCRC patches. Know that in Texas, it is a requirement to also wear the AMA patch at any time displaying the FCRC patch. There are no exceptions.

As FCRC Chapter Officers are required to wear the FCRC Backpatch, it is also a requirement of Texas FCRC Chapter Officers to wear the AMA patch and maintain annual membership.

FCRC Members in Texas are welcome to ride without a vest or FCRC backpatch if they are unable or unwilling to become AMA members, so long as they are not officers within the chapter.

FCRC Members from other chapters travelling through Texas, must also display the AMA patch if wearing the FCRC patch while in Texas.

Summary: While in Texas, if you wear any FCRC path, you must also wear the AMA member patch, and be a current AMA member. There are No Exceptions to this.

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